Haldimand Norfolk Housing

Our Values


We communicate clearly with each other, we support one another to work towards the same goals, and we care about each other. When we work together as a team – with our residents, our staff, our stakeholders, and our community – we can provide the best possible home for you, the best possible place to work for our staff, and a stronger community for everyone.


We do what we say we will do, we acknowledge when we fail, we correct our errors as best we can, and we are accountable for doing what is right.


We treat people as individuals and create environments where fairness, trust, and equitable treatment are central to how we work. We value and seek out the ideas of others – residents, staff, and community partners – to help us make good decisions.

Our Goals

Our strategic plan outlines five goals for the next seven years (2020 – 2027). These were chosen by staff, and drawn from their work with you, our residents. We rely on you to share with our staff, and our staff to share with management to help us guide our organization to best benefit our community and the families living in it.  


We can’t house you without buildings – so taking care of them is important for both of us. Our first goal is to build better homes for the families in our community.


We want you to feel you have been treated with respect and have received quality service with our staff and contractors. Our second goal is to improve our resident’s satisfaction.


Our staff are our strength. We want to support them to make good decisions and to take appropriate action. Our third goal is to empower our staff to lead and succeed.


We receive a limited amount of money from the government so we have to make the most of it to improve our community. Our fourth goal is to achieve financial fitness


We will work with you to make your community better. We are building partnerships with organizations, and working together with them to strengthen our community.

Our Team

 We are proud of our team of staff and volunteers. They are knowledgeable, experienced, and compassionate. Our 12 dedicated professional staff and 28 board volunteers are deeply committed to providing quality housing to our community. Our management team has over 106 years of collective experience in serving our residents.

Corporate Information

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